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A side-by-side utility vehicle with factory air conditioning and heat? Yep.

As you know Texas summers can be brutally hot and our winters may seem mild to those from the north, but we Texans don't like to freeze.Introducing the Kubota RTV 1100 C with factory air-conditioing and heat.Factory Air Conditioner, Heater and DefrosterWhether it’s hot and humid, cold and windy, or ...

Introducing the Kubota BV-4160 Premium baler

This variable chamber, Kubota BV 4160 premium round baler packs a bale diameter of 4' wide by 5' high with a 79" pickup capacity. A new twine and net binding system ensures trouble-free and reliable operation while the efficient fork feeder makes quick work of silage, hay and straw.Kubota's small ...

Mixing It Up - The proper way to fuel your Stihl tools

You wouldn’t dream of putting diesel in your car’s gasoline engine, or try to run a D-cell flashlight with 9-volt batteries. Common sense tells you that the result of trying to operate something with the wrong type of fuel can be futile at best, or worse – it can lead ...

Whoops! Manual-Mayhem

We misplace things all the time. It seems to be part of everyday life.Manuals for the products we own seem to disappear as quickly as socks on laundry day. Fortunately, it is the 'digital age' and Stihl product manuals are available online for just about every product Stihl has ever ...

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