• All-New Kubota M6S
  • All-New Kubota M6S


All-New Kubota M6S

The all-new Kubota M6S-111SHCA features a powerful 114 HP Kubota diesel engine, and has two hard-working transmission options with a wide range of speeds and a handful of new ergonomic design features. All this makes the M6S-111SHC ideal for loader work, livestock chores, forage operations, mowing and so much more.

The M6S has a V-3800-TierIV final engine which has a common rail fuel system, intercooler, exhaust gas recirculation. Employment of a diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction for minimized emissions. Additionally, it has Constant RPM management memory to minimize repetitive actions.

To increase operator efficiency the design of the main shift lever provides a comfortable, easy-to-use feel and better visibility of the lever's shift stages, Hi-Lo, etc. Furthermore, the loader joystick operates with exceptional smoothness and responsiveness.

Kubota "Swing Shift" provides you access to 16 speeds. The synchronized main shift "H" pattern puts four speeds immediately at your disposal. The Swing Shift adds to that by actuating the electricover - hydraulic high/low synchronized range shift for a total of eight speeds - all controlled by a single lever. If a task requires more than eight speeds, simply move the auxiliary range lever left of the seat for eight more to equal 16F/16R. An optional creep provides eight additional slower speeds. That's 24 speed enough for the most demanding and precise work.

Swing Shift Plus models give you 32F/32R speeds, and allow you to operate the Swing Shift as well as the Dual speed with just one lever. Put this feature to best use when taking large load increases, working in mixed soil or during hay tool applications. An optional creep provides 16 additional slower speeds – a total of 48F/48R– for specialty applications.

The de-clutch button is available on all CAB models. This feature allows you to shift a gear without using the clutch pedal. While pressing the de-clutch button, the clutch is disengaged. When the de-clutch button is released, the clutch is engaged.

The M6S CAB now has two standard rear remote valves. It offers one self-cancelling detent valve and one floating detent valve. With 17.2 GPM flow and an optional third remote valve, this tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves.

Stop by Rucker Equipment today to test drive the all-new Kubota M6.

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